Friday, May 12, 2006

This is what happens when you give a clueless person a platform on the internet...

No, I'm not referring to this blog, but rather to Matt Leinart's Draft diary on (HT: HeismanPundit.) Since this is more in the wheelhouse of a committed celebrity watcher, I asked Andrea for comment. When a sports figure is accused of a major crime, call Roger Cossack. When a sports figure is complaining about the gossip media, call my wife. (Incidentally, she responded to Bill Simmons' article about an US Weekly fantasy league as follows: "THAT WAS THE BEST COLUMN EVER. There is one error in the article, though. Sports Gal will not win. I will.")

People can make whatever they want about it. It amazes me what went on in the media in regard to Paris Hilton following my party. There are people in the media who just want to see what they want to see and write what they want to write. "Oh he's linked with so and so." No, I'm hanging out with someone who's a friend.

"Bullshit. Paris Hilton does not have male friends. She only has paramours. How do I know? Serious research in US Weekly. Watching E! News Daily every night. Flipping in the commercials to Extra! with Mark McGrath. I feel like I'm at the apex of entertainment news."

[Personally, I agree here. I can't fathom why someone would want to be friends with Paris Hilton unless they: (1) love attention; (2) love to stroke their own ego by being seen with a very famous person; or (3) love chlamydia.)

It's all this media attention. I guess you could say it's my fault, but at the same time, I'm just being a normal dude. It's hard because people who are close to me know who I am and how I act. I'm hanging out and having a good time with friends. I have my circle of friends who I've known since I was younger and trust. Then there are people who I've built relationships with in the L.A. world. There are guys in my situation that would've been a hundred million times worse than me. I didn't take advantage of anything. I haven't done anything other than be a normal person.

"A normal person hangs out with Nich Lachey? And then brags about it?"

Celebrities are really just normal people.


Everywhere I go and everybody I talk to gets out in the media.

"That's why you held a Draft party for yourself at the Palms in Las Vegas and invite the media, as opposed to having a barbecue at your house like a normal person."

Matt, here's a piece of advice. The personna you've crafted of the good looking quarterback who hangs out with celebrities, goes to all the hippest clubs in LA, and is in gossip mags on a regular basis will make a mountain of money for you in endorsements. It will also scratch your ego because it makes you different than most or all of your peers. If you want to give all that up, then pull a Dylan, buy a secluded house, don't grant interviews or write diaries online, and spend time in non-public places. Otherwise, cash your checks and shut the f*** up with this "woe is me, I love attention and yet I don't want the downside" act.


LD said...

Peter King's column a few weeks ago outed Leinart as having his diary ghost-written by that same 18-year old kid who landed the Terrell Owens interview back in the day.

Nothing substantive to add, but who knows how much Leinart actually crafts the column.

Chg said...

Maybe Matt expresses himself through an interpretive dance, which the 18 year old then puts down on paper.

Got to put that Southern Cal education to work.