Thursday, April 21, 2011

Question for Fredi

Like your team, the Dodgers have a top-heavy lineup. You're in the 12th inning. One of the Dodgers' two good hitters just doubled with one out. Their other good hitter, a guy hitting .411, is at the plate. The next three guys in the order are batting .221, .000 (the pitcher is second in the sequence), and .190. (My apologies for using batting averages after complaining about Mark Bradley doing the same. I am doing this on the run.) First base is open and you lose if you give up any runs in the inning, so there is no difference between having one runner on or two runners on.

So, with this in mind, how in the world do you let Cristhian Martinez pitch to Matt Kemp so he can give up the winning home run? Is there some law that says that Braves managers have to make atrocious bullpen decisions in the last game of a series at Chavez Ravine?

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Caelus said...

Totally agree with you when I read this but did not bother to post a comment. But now I just have to question why Fredi left Ascencio in so long when he had nothing......he didn't even have somebody warming up until the damage had been done. Thank God for Uggly and their 10th inning rally.

Up until this week I have been pretty happy with Fredi but now doubt has creeped in.