Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Imagine what would happen if Auburn-Alabama was a real rivalry like the Jets and Patriots?

Auburn and Alabama fans riot in a Buffalo Wild Wings. (Hat tip: Rammer Jammer.)

A few thoughts:

1. In contrast, the Michigan-Ohio State game was fairly civil this weekend. Ann Arbor was full of Buckeye fans in their garish red jerseys with excessively large digits and I didn't see anybody getting out of hand. Heck, there were even drunken students from both schools sharing beers on State Street before the game. Is this good sportsmanship or further evidence of Michigan's decline as a program?

2. I highly recommend Buffalo Wild Wings' Spicy BBQ sauce. Maybe you won't get to consume it while watching Charlottesville townies dancing to "Funky Cold Medina," but you'll enjoy it all the same. And speaking of Charlottesville wing establishments, the closest I ever came to seeing a bar riot like the one in Huntsville was for the '97 Ohio State-Penn State game. I went to Damon's, the Place for Ribs (which is such a misleading title for those of us who don't dig on swine,) to watch the Georgia-Tennessee game (the infamous game where Donnan and Fulmer got into a shouting match after the game,) and the Ohio State and Penn State contingents in the bar were getting so raucous and in one another's faces that even the SEC fans present were muttering "those people are crazy." When SEC fans think you're taking things a little too seriously, it's time for a Percoset.

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