Monday, November 21, 2005

One of the Damndest Images You'll Ever See

Imagine that D.J. Shockley plays so well this weekend that Georgia Tech fans applaud him as he leaves the field. Now imagine that the context for the Tech-Georgia game was that a governor of Georgia refused to let Tech fans wear Star Trek gear for decades and they only way they could express their geekdom was at Tech football games. (Sorry, that was a gratuitous jab, but I'm feeling punchy.) Throw in a few executions of prominent Techies by said governor and you have the context for the Real-Barca rivalry and consequently, the import of Real fans giving Barca star Ronaldinho a standing ovation for ripping their team to shreds. (I know I'm conflating the analogy a little, since Barca fans are the ones who claim the mantle of oppression, but Real fans were the ones applauding Ronaldinho. Just be nice and play along.)

Soccernet's Phil Ball describes the import of Saturday night in Madrid. If only those level-headed Spaniards with their lukewarm commitment to soccer could go to Lincoln Financial Field and discover real passion.

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