Friday, March 17, 2006

The Discussion in the Bathroom this Morning

(Background: the Mayhem in the AM crew were going on and on about how surprising it was to them and the rest of the patrons of the Cheetah that Syracuse and Boston College struggled so much after doing so well in their conference tournaments.)

Michael: It doesn't surprise me that these guys would be totally shocked by Syracuse and BC struggling, since they have the sports radio mindset that completely overvalues the most recent events. If they had any ability to think back longer than last weekend, they would have been wary of teams that play much better in their conference tournaments than they did all season. Every year, there's some team like Syracuse that's mediocre for three months, catches fire for one weekend, and then surprises every knuckle-dragger with a bracket when they crash out in the first round of the Dance. I didn't get much right yesterday, but I did nail the A&M game.

Andrea: A&M won? That's great! I also had them winning!

Michael: Really? What made you pick them? I assume that you had a different reason than I did.

Andrea: I like Bobby Knight.

Michael: He coaches Texas Tech and they aren't in the tournament.

Andrea: Ooops.

Michael: I am SO blogging this.

And incidentally, it gave me great amusement to hear the Mayhem guys make fun of whatever poor media schmuck asked Gerry McNamara how he felt after he stunk in Syracuse's loss to A&M, since the Mayhem crew are the absolute masters of the obvious question. For instance, here are some of the gems that Cellini and Bell offered up to D.J. Shockley and "Uberagent Todd France" earlier in the week (I'm paraphrasing):

It must have really sucked to not play against Florida, right?

It helped to have a coach for a father, right?

You have interest from NFL teams, right?

NFL teams like the fact that D.J. is such a character guy, right?

Who was your favorite receiver last year? It must have been fun to throw to Leonard Pope, right?

Fortunately, by the end of the segment, Mike Bell was imitating Gunther Seeger and we were laughing our asses off, while being reminded of why we listen to the show every morning and are disappointed that they're only on for about 33 minutes every hour.

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