Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Great Atlanta Tragedies

Sherman's burning of the city, the Winecoff Hotel Fire, Jim Leyritz, and now this: a near riot at Vision to get close to Kevin Federline. I'm fully willing to concede that judging Atlanta based on the hoochies that flock to Vision is similar to judging The Beatles based on Yoko, but this is still embarrassing. I defended the city when the Braves struggled to sell out playoff games, when our bus drivers had no idea where they were going during the '96 Olympics, and when the Metro area (or "Atlantaland," for those readers in Chicago) was responsible for sending to Congress the most insane representatives on both the right (Bob Barr) and the left (Cynthia McKinney), but this is truly indefensible. Good gracious, we could be mocked by Los Angelinos. Is there anything more embarrassing than that? Oh yeah, the fact that the lead video story on the AJC's web site right now is about a 45-pound cat in Smyrna.

An encouragement to have children: cancelling out this guy's multiple contributions to Earth's gene pool.

By the way, in my efforts to find a suitable picture that exudes the essence of K-Fed, I came across a site that would surely be linked and commented upon with great frequency and intensity if Andrea had her own blog: PURSE BLOG!!!

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Ski said...

Tampa: 0
Atlanta: -1