Saturday, October 14, 2006

You don't come to the OB, talkin' smack!

This is seriously like the English celebrating after beating Argentina after the Falklands War. You're done as a power and beating up on a minnow doesn't change that.


Ed said...

Except they weren't really beating up the minnow - if that scoreboard is correct. It must have been 7-0 midway through the 3rd quarter. I guess when that whole forward pass-thing is a little iffy, you might as well take pride in the swinging helmet play.

By the way, how does it feel being a fan of the best team in the country when you live among football-rabid fans whose team just lost to Vandy? How do you act? Do you quickly cough after each cackle of delight? Do you grimace and pretend you have a limp after each hop and skip?

Michael said...

I think #19 would disagree that Miami wasn't beating the minnow up.

I like Georgia and my UGA friends didn't taunt me last year when the Dawgs were winning the SEC and Michigan was having its worst season in 21 years, so the strutting is kept to a minimum. Plus, that trip to play Ohio State at the Well of the Souls keeps me from being too coacky. That said, we appreciate the vote of confidence.