Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Petrino Linky Linky

Len Pasquarelli has a typically measured take, pointing out that there are always unknowns with a coaching hire and that Petrino does have a history of bouncing from job to job that Blank and McKay need to take into account. If we try to tell ourselves that Petrino won't glance covetously at other jobs, then we're no better than the woman who convinces herself that her new boyfriend cheated on all his prior flames, but this time will be different because she's somehow different than all those other ladies. Nevertheless, Len comes pretty close to endorsing the move: "[W]ith his prickly personality and demanding manner on and off the field, [Petrino] was an obvious fit in hindsight, even if his candidacy was a secret one."

Thankfully for Falcons fans everywhere, Terrence Moore has panned the hire with his own unique blend of amnesia (the previous week, he asserted that "[n]obody of significance" would want the Falcons' job) and specious reasoning. Moore trots out the same tired argument that college coaches can't succeed in the NFL and, by citing Butch Davis, Dennis Erickson, and Steve Spurrier, thus illustrates my point from yesterday that the college coaches who don't succeed in the NFL are typically: (1) coaches who relied on superior talent in college; and (2) coaches who were hamstrung by terrible personnel decisions. Moore also argues that Petrino is "surly." Gee, how can any coach who is surly with the media succeed in the NFL?

Finally, Moore complains that Petrino looks to move a lot. Given that most coaches in the NFL are gone after 3-4 years anyway, wouldn't the Falcons be insane not to take a coach if they know in advance that he's going to be a success for four years and then move on?

Jeff Schultz sees the writing on the wall for Michael Vick: the coach now has leverage over the star player and if the star player doesn't perform, then he won't play. Given my lukewarm feelings on Vick's play over the past several years and my belief that football teams are generally too wedded to their quarterbacks and eschew competition at the position when they encourage it everywhere else on the field, I am happy with Schultz's argument. Petrino has gotten excellent production from Stefan Lefors and Hunter Cantwell. He made Jason Campbell look like an all-SEC quarterback as a sophomore. He did a fine job with Mark Brunell from 1999-2001. If Vick can't produce under Petrino, then that's a commentary on Vick.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least Terrence Moore had it right about the Blank being as present as air. I hope Petrino can handle that!

I do like Blank as an owner, but it is a concern...