Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rock Bottom...I Hope

The Hawks can't get any lower than a 19-point loss at home to the following starting five: Devin Brown, Desmond Mason, Rasual Butler, Tyson Chandler, and Marc Jackson. Right? There is something significant going on behind the scenes. Marvin Williams is a better player than one who goes 2 for 13 against the Hornets' B-side. Joe Johnson is a better player than one who goes 6 for 24 against said back-ups. These players are either nursing injuries that are more significant than anyone lets on or there is some serious disharmony going on behind the scenes. Players giving up on the coach? Players hating one another? I have no idea, but things look bleak right now, unless the sole objective is to maximize the chance of obtaining one of the top three picks in the Draft. If so, then well done, Hawks!

I knew that things were bad when I got in the car last night after having not seen the game and Brandon Adams was saying on the post-game show that Mike Woodson was doing the best he could with the crappy hand he's been dealt, followed by clips of Steve Holman calling scores by Jannero Pargo in the most depressed voice imaginable.


Grandy said...

Are you trying to jinx us? Contrary to what it may look like, the psyche of atlanta can in fact get saddled with more curses, jinxes, and just plain bad luck.

MoneyMouth said...

Hey it is just a rebuilding... decade. The hawks need to pick up a few quality veterans, but the problem with the league now is the guys spend their whole careers chasing money and at the end they just want championships. No quality veteren will go to a bottom rung team like the hawks. Hopefully they can draft Greg Oden or someone who can perform right away.

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