Sunday, March 04, 2007

Light Posting this Week

Just so you know, my usual brain-to-keyboard-to-cyberspace diarrhea will be limited this week because of work. So if you're looking for more wringing of garments over the Hawks or the Blaugrana's impending doom at Anfield, you'll probably have to look elsewhere.


Kanu said...

Good luck today. I think they can do it.

I'm violating the dress code by rocking my 2006 Sam Eto'o 9 home kit, and I'll be at the pub next door for a 2 hour lunch hoping that they can do the business. Something tells me that they can.

SE9 gets 2 and they win 3-1.

Kanu said...

uggggh, nevermind.

Looks like you were right all along.

I watched in amazement that they played with so little urgency for the 1st 60 minutes. R10's first touch today was pretty bad, SE9 didn't really do shit, and they seemed to be playing as if all they needed was a draw. Amazing that in the 1st half they had 60% of the possession but were outshot 10-1.

It's a shame R10 hit the post - he should have done so much better with that shot - unlike the Pool shots that started out as speculative longshots, R10 was through on Reina and could have put it almost anywhere.

Sorry man - I know from experience that nothing sucks worse than going out of this competition when you didn't lose.

I fear I will be joining you tomorrow...