Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ohio State Football: "Absolute Drunken Orgies"

It's clearly time for me to work myself up into a lather for football season, because we're going to follow the Mike Hart article with a few gems from former Ohio State President Karen Holbrook:

When you win a game, you riot. When you lose a game, you riot. When spring comes, you riot. African-American Heritage Festival weekend, you riot...They think it's fun to flip cars, to really have absolute drunken orgies. … I don't want to be at a place that has this kind of culture as a norm.

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Hobnail_Boot said...

Holbrook has a history of overstating things.

As provost at UGA she gave weekly mind-numbing ramblings about how our generation was tearing society down, one beer at a time.

She's a loon, and I was thrilled to see her get sent off to anOSU.