Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My trip to the gym this morning

1. I couldn't hear the audio, but how clueless does ESPN have to be to do their "50 states in 50 days" feature from North Carolina and do a feature interview with Coach K, the coach of a program that no one in the state likes? Have they never heard of the "University of New Jersey at Durham" before? Does Duke lack for exposure?

2. I read a blurb in Esquire on studies that show that the testosterone levels spike in fans after watching their team win a game and vice versa. Combined with the fact that low testosterone levels are typically found in individuals with depression, I used this fact in an attempt to explain to my wife that my behavior after Michigan losses was perfectly fine, since I was fighting physiology. Needless to say, the argument didn't work, although she didn't use the best comeback at her disposal: "Evolutionary psychologists also say that you are hard-wired to impregnate as many women as possible, but that wouldn't exactly excuse you if you decided to start porking other women. Go back to your weights, honey."

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