Monday, August 29, 2005

You gotta love Texans

Modesty ain't really their thing. Mack must really be taking that Rose Bowl win pretty seriously, because this picture is pretty much the definition of hubris. This has to be the beginning of the second tape of Scarface, for those of you who grew up on the two-tape set and not the DVD, after Tony has landed Elvira, killed Frank Lopez and Mel Bernstein, and deposited duffel bags full of money into the bank. It's all going down from here and I can't get the song "Boomer Sooner" out of my head.

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dolphinfan said...

You gotta love Mac Brown. No one looses control and melts in a big game better then he does. After losing 5 in a row to the Sooners it better be time to kick some OU butt or get his resume ready.