Tuesday, August 02, 2005

One thought on the Braves' big deal

I'm a big fan of Kyle Farnsworth. I've always thought that he was kept down by the graveyard for pitchers that is the Cubs' bullpen and he's showed that this year. The biggest hole on the team was a bridge to Chris Reitsma, they needed to add some depth after Jay Powell's gruesome Tom Browning impersonation, and Schuerholtz filled the hole perfectly, getting one of the best relievers in baseball and not overpaying for the overrated Dannys Baez. I'll miss Roman Colon somewhat, but the team has depth in starting pitching with their five from the start of the year, plus Davies and Sosa and several good prospects in the pipeline.

And I guess the old canard about the Braves not liking fiery players can be put to rest by trading for a pitcher who has done a fair Mike Singletary impersonation this year.

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peacedog said...

Well, he's fiery, but I'm not sure he meets all the necessary criteria (note: I'm not much for the Moore is a racist theories; I think he is writing to a base).