Sunday, February 12, 2006

Same Old Song

This chart nicely summarizes the Hawks' season. For the umpteenth time in 05-06, the Hawks were in position to win a game in the final six minutes and then collapsed. The particulars this time? Down 87-86 with 3:44 to go; lost 99-91. Josh Smith gave them nothing: two points and three rebounds on a night that they got killed on the glass. Harrington, Childress, and Zaza played well, while Joe Johnson struggled with his shot. Johnson did have 11 assists and the team had 25 assists against 15 turnovers, but one would expect that sort of total playing against the worst defensive team in the NBA. Speaking of which, the 91 points the Sonics allowed were the lowest total scored against Seattle since November 18. Yay!

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