Thursday, February 23, 2006

Who Flung Poo?

Here's one for Rammer Jammer's archives: Liverpool fans apparently decided that the most appropriate way to show their respect for Manchester United striker Alan Smith, who grotesquely dislocated his ankle and broke his leg in the clubs' FA Cup match on Saturday, was to rock the ambulance carrying his heavily-sedated body away from Anfield.

Actually, it turns out that RJYH has already linked a story about this episode (how's that for speedy service?), but his article omits another allegation from the linked Guardian article that also emerged from Saturday's game that should interest (but hopefully not inspire) SEC fans: Liverpool fans also decided that the best way to extend their famous hospitality to their friends from Manchester was to throw feces-filled paper cups at the Manchester fans below them. Everyone has heard the lovely stories of LSU fans raining empty bottles, urine, and assorted other sundry substances on the visiting fans below them, and similar allegations have been made about Florida fans (hence the "Florida rule" in the SEC that student sections have to be a certain distance from the opposing team's bench.) However, flinging doodie like so many chimpanzees takes homefield advantage to a new level. So congrats to Liverpool, a cutting-edge city that first gave us the Beatles and now has given us what should be all the rage in the Southeastern Conference in coming years.

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