Monday, May 21, 2007

Greek Contributions to Western Civilization

Democracy, philosophy, the Iliad...and marking hooligans with paintball guns.


Kanu said...

Can't possibly be any worse than Rome's Policia though, can it?

Speaking of which, did you see what venue has been awarded the 2008 Champions League Final?

Correct! Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Pretty amazing that. What odds that ManUtd make the final?

Michael said...

Outstanding. How about a Liverpool-Roma Final for old time's sake?

I think the last final at the Stadio Olimpico was Juve beating Ajax in penalties in '96 when Ajax were going for back-to-back titles.

Speaking of the final in certain locales, most of the media attention has been on Milan-Liverpool as a rematch, but I haven't seen mention of the fact that Milan put on one of the greatest shows in final history the last time the game was played in Athens. As a Barca fan, I'd like to forget the '94 Final, but Milan beat Barca 4-0 when both teams were on top of their game. Many of the players on the pitch then contested the WC quarterfinal between Italy and Spain a few months later in Boston, when Italy won 2-1 after one of their players (Tassotti, I think) got away with elbowing a Spanish player in the face in the box.

I'm sure that Maldini remembers all of this.