Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Hawks' New Threads

We now look just like the Bobcats or the Cavs (when the Cavs wear their blue road uniforms). The new unis look good, but they aren't especially distinctive. Then again, maybe this is a compliment to the current sartorial trends in the NBA that teams are coming up with good uniforms. Contrast the NBA with the NFL, where the Falcons followed the trend of making their uniforms look like something an Arena League would find garish and busy.

I'm not a huge fan of changing the basic color scheme because teams should always keep the same colors, however many times their change their uniforms. The red-black-yellow has been a constant as long as I've been a Hawks fan. Then again, the team hasn't made an Eastern Conference Final since I've been a Hawks fan (or since anybody has been an Atlanta Hawks fan), so there is a good argument to be made that a break from the past is in order.

This is also going to mean an end to the yellow uniforms, which is particularly upsetting to me:

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Dawg 05 said...

When did the Braves start playing basketball?