Monday, June 25, 2007

So much to Discuss

I'm a little consumed at work right now, so I'm just going to have to give you an IOU on discussing:

1. Mandel's mailbag from last week;

2. Mark Bradley's college football predictions;

3. The Braves hitting rock bottom in every possible respect;

4. The Hawks's new uniforms; and

5. Barca's new striker.

Bear with me.


klinsi said...

Forget the sorry Hawks and their silly new Thrasher-like logo - how about Benny Frickin' Feilhaber baby?!?!

Grandy said...

I am really looking forward to Copa America, even though we'll be fielding some young & fairly new faces.

klinsi said...

I am as well. Despite the probable shellacking we will endure, it has the makings of an exciting tournament.

LD said...

Bobcats - orange + red. That said, I still kind of like them. Simpler is better than cutting edge but ugly (ask the Rockets or 76ers).

You might want to wait until the rest of the transfer season shakes out to write that Henry post. Me thinks Eto'o is not long for Nou Camp. And Barca might be better for it (they most certainly will come January).