Friday, June 29, 2007

Please G-d No!

Frank Lampard would fit in at Barca about as well as Al Thornton and Thaddeus Young would have fit in for the Hawks last night. Let's see, an overrated English midfielder with negligible passing or dribbling skills who shoots on sight and whose primary talent is running onto knockdowns from Didier Drogba moving to a team that prides itself on short passing and movement and plays three great attackers who simply need service from their midfielders. I can't see anything going wrong there. There would be only two positives from Lampard to Barca:

1. He'd be exposed as a fraud; and

2. One of Messi, Eto'o, Ronnie, or Henry would choke him after Lampard ignores their runs for the 37th time in order to shoot into the third tier at the Nou Camp.

UPDATE: No one wants Frank. Crisis averted.

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Moin said...

This makes no sense, my doubts concerning the usefulness of Henry aside, Barca's off-season has been nothing short of extraordinary. The capture of Yaya Toure and Abidal addressed the most pressing needs on the team (and for cheap too). And it looks like they are the front runners to capture Chivu, which gives them much needed versatility and depth at the back (as well as quality). Why ruin it by signing Lampard? This is stupid beyond comprehension.