Monday, November 07, 2005

I Thought That Southerners Were The Provincial Ones?

Prove me wrong, Peter King:

"I think the one thing you can't understand unless you live somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard between Washington and Boston -- or unless you once lived there -- is the intensity of a big sports event. One of the reasons players love playing here, and one of the reasons guys like Joe Gibbs get drawn back into the game magnetically, is because the games are so electric and they feel so important. I felt it Sunday night at Eagles-Redskins and I'll feel it in front of the TV tonight for Pats-Colts. So much fun. Such a gas."

These people wouldn't know anything about a big sports event. They only had to suspend their rivalry for decades because it was getting too intense.

Or these people. Spanish Civil War? What's that? That can't compare to the Acela rivalry between the Redskins and Eagles, can it?

Or these guys. When have religious differences ever produced a good rivalry, I ask.


Anonymous said...

Notice how intense the crowd was in the 4th when the pats were mounting a mini rally, yet half the fans were gone.

Michael said...

Ah, but you don't see the remarkable intensity that can be produced by empty seats in the Northeast. Inanimate, my ass!

How are we coming on the UM/OSU tickets?

Anonymous said...

Every student selling their tickets are getting into the 150-200 range, thats too much, I thought you were on it too.

Michael said...

I am working on it. We might need to bite the bullet and pay $150, although I'm holding out hope that we won't.