Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tonight, the Puyol Let Me Down

World Cup Highlights: Spain vs. Ukraine

When I decided to buy a Barca jersey (my third) this season, I picked Carles Puyol's name to go on the back because he's the captain, he's Catalan, he's a Barca lifer, he looks like a goofy metalhead who would drive an I-ROC if he could, and mainly because it's cooler to honor the central defense hardman than a flashy offensive player. Anyone can get a Ronaldinho or Eto'o jersey and get all misty-eyed about goals and passes; a real fan picks out the backbone of the team and revels in a good tackle or subtle jersey tug. So imagine my dismay last night when watching the tape of Spain's disemboweling of Ukraine to see that my boy Carles actually is a playmaker. Ronaldinho and Messi would be challenged to replicate a move this sweet. I'm feeling very misled.

The move starts at 3:24 on this video.

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Tim said...

Goal of the tournament so far.