Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lincoln Financial Loses its Charm

My plans for keeping a notebook with me this year while watching college football games to preserve every last inanity that comes tumbling out of the mouths of the guys who get paid lots of money to be useful just took a big hit with the news that David Archer is replacing Dave Rowe on Lincoln Financial broadcasts. Archer is insightful and competent, but where does that leave me? How am I supposed to scribble things like "Dave Rowe suggested that Kregg Lunpkin needs 25 carries to get going. I wonder if he knows that Vince Dooley stopped coaching the Dawgs 18 years ago? Maybe he missed that whole "the point of offense is to score" revolution that Spurrier brought to the league?"

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Texas_Dawg said...

You are missing the key detail here; news that is very positive: Rowe is being replaced with Dave Archer.

While Rowe's mastery of the obvious and his ability to speak for 3.5 hours without taking a breath will certainly take away from the JP broadcasts (yes, JP, I said), the people at Lincoln should be applauded for at least making sure that the most important part of the JP legacy, the Dave Triumvirate, will be preserved. The downfall of the House of Dave would have been far more tragic than Rowe's departure.