Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am F***ing Sick of Hearing This

"It's a big disappointment. It just seems like we didn't have the energy tonight," Johnson said. "We came out lackadaisical and we let Drew get off to a good start. Once a guy gets a rhythm, it's hard to stop him. He had a big night for them."

That's Joe Johnson on last night's loss in Chicago. How does a team come out lackadaisical at the end of the season when they are fighting for their playoff lives? I understand that the NBA season is an interminable grind, but if ever there was a time for a team, so be focused, it ought to be a game against a fellow playoff contender at the end of March. Are you going to be saying the same shit after game one in Boston? I keep coming back to Mark Bradley's statement earlier in the year that the Hawks' repeated "we weren't into the game" statements are a direct reflection on the head coach.


Bret LaGree said...

As I wrote this morning, the team that doesn't care about it's head coach lost to the team that actively dislikes their interim head coach.

If consistently running plays for Marvin Williams isn't suspicious enough, taking Horford out of the game with 4:15 left and down three so the sluggish Josh Smith and the incompetent Williams could secure the loss suggests that Woodson may in fact be some sort of saboteur.

Anonymous said...

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