Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Top 25 is Shifty

1Southern Cal--
2Oklahoma 1
3Florida 1
4Georgia 2
5Ohio State--
8South Florida--
9Texas 2
11Kansas 1
12California 4
13Texas Tech 4
14Alabama 12
15West Virginia--
16Oregon 7
18Brigham Young 2
19Mississippi 5
20Arizona State 7
21Wake Forest 5
22South Carolina 3
23East Carolina 3
24Utah 2
25Penn State--

Dropped Out: Clemson (#14), Virginia Tech (#18), Tennessee (#21).

Don't ask me to explain the movement. I went tabula rasa with these rankings and we're going with a sample size of exactly one game. The Mountain West outranks the ACC and will draw even with the Big Ten is Wisconsin loses at Fresno State. Wake makes its appearance, which I should have done last week, but I didn't have the room. I struggled with Alabama's placement because they were very impressive, but if they beat a team that I proclaimed to be overrated, it can't be that much of an accomplishment. The Tide replace Tennessee, thus ensuring that only 40% of the ten all-time winningest programs are represented in this poll. That seems like a big number to me.

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Anonymous said...

Utah drops 2 after winning on the road at Michigan? That is hysterical. Good thing you don't have a vote. UM may be down, but they are still a good team, and to beat them on the road in game 1 is nothing to laugh at. Definitely nothing to downgrade a team about. Throw in the fact they didn't play well (look at UU history -- they always play bad in game 1 and turn it on late in the season) and they should move up, not down. Utah is a very good football team and much better than most of the teams ahead of them. I can't wait to see them match up against (hopefully an SEC team) in the BCS and blow the doors off of them. I'm tired of this SEC superiority talk. The pac-10 owns the SEC, and so will the Utes. Ki Yi.