Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Top 25 Fears Change

1Florida --
2Oklahoma --
3Texas --
4Southern Cal --
5Alabama --
6Penn State --
7Texas Tech --
8Ohio State 1
9Utah 1
10Oklahoma State --
11Boise State 1
12Oregon 1
13TCU 2
14Georgia Tech 3
15Mississippi 1
16Iowa --
17California 1
18Cincinnati 3
19Georgia 2
20Pittsburgh 2
21Missouri 3
22Oregon State 1
23Virginia Tech 3
24Michigan State 1
25Florida State 1

Dropped Out: Boston College (#19), Ball State (#20).


Anonymous said...

I still believe that you have it wrong on oklahoma and Texas. Texas lost one game to another top ten ten on their field. Texas beat Oklahoma straight up on a neutral field..

Unknown said...

Any reason for switching Utah/OSU? Not saying I disagree, just wondering

Michael said...

Anon, I laid this out in detail last week. Oklahoma has a better resume when you take into account strength of schedule, margin of victory, yardage, and turnovers. You're looking at one tiny slice of the resume.

Joe, I had no real rationale for switching Ohio State and Utah other than the fact that I thought about the teams playing on a neutral field and I decided that OSU would be favored.

Anonymous said...

And now for something completely different... How about some thoughts on Barca's return to form! And Chelsea's early season beautiful game and recent narrow escape from group play. While we await the bowls, there's lots going on on the other side of the water.