Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Thoughts over a 420 at Raging Burrito

I won't lie. Sometimes I think that I should have given this blog a less specific name so I wouldn't feel guilty about writing so often about subjects that have nothing to do with Atlanta sports. This has gotten more pronounced since I got linked to Mark Bradley's page at the AJC. I feel like I have to live up to the title.

I wanted to do a post about how doing a bracket is dumb. Now, it seems a little late.

The girl next to me hasn't had a sip of her Stella since I sat down. These are the sorts of things that I notice.

Good omen department: I worked late last night and listened to the Braves game on the way home. They scored three times of of Dontrelle on my commute home. Should I be happy that the Braves have a great record in the spring or sad that Francoeur is no better? He did draw a walk while I was lsitening last night. Omen?

This season of Friday Night Lights has been outstanding. Even better than the first seaons. Between FNL, the Office, 30 Rock, and SNL, I guess we are an NBC household.

Signs that my man card should be revoked: last week, Der Wife's US Weekly arrived at the same time as my SI. I read the US Weekly article on Jason and Melissa first.

Tommy Hanson has me giddy. If only he and Naftali Feliz could be our one-two for the next decade. So much excitement; so much regret.

The podcast will kill (or at least dramatically alter) sports talk radio.


Anonymous said...

A 420 at Raging Burrito would be great right now. Their tacos are pretty good too.

My all-time ranking of area burrito places:

1) Tortillas: RIP, but why did it take 45 minutes to get a burrito?

2) Burrito Art: Near Emory. Deserved a better fate.

3) Raging Burrito

4) Willys: Copyright and trademark law protect all sorts of ridiculous things, but they couldn't stop Willy from getting ripped off by a another, now-bigger, burrito chain. (See also Rosa's Pizza in downtown Atlanta).

5) Chipotle: I like the barbacao (sp) and jasmine rice. I also used to go to the very first one in Denver. Was in an old Jack-in-the-Box building. For a chain restaurant,good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Tickets now on sale for AC Milan and Club America at the Georgia Dome July 22. Are you leaving the Raging Burrito for the match?

Anonymous said...

Heard today that WSD will be doing a live remote here in Atlanta for the AC Milan match. Finally we'll have a chance to buy Steven and Kenny some Manischewitz.

Mazel tov!!