Friday, July 10, 2009

For $20, BurritoBlogging will take you to a Ku Klux Klan cookout

I can't believe we got anything for the Out-o-matic 9000. I haven't seen his numbers this year, but my sense is that Church is a decent player. Anything is better that our former rightfielder, but we actually got a decent player to replace him? And Church is a lefty, which will help a team that struggles against right-handed starters.

Our trading partner makes me feel even better about this deal. Has Omar Minaya done anything good as the Mets' GM that didn't involve prospects drafted by his predecessor or the exercise of naked economic power? If the Mets play Francoeur every day, then we've simultaneously helped ourselved and hurt a major rival. The Braves just sent smallpox to New York. Or, I guess to riff on our nickname, we gave them tobacco.

I listened to the Bill Simmons-Colin Cowherd podcast last night. Although their discussion of blogs was at times fatuous, I was most interested when they both proclaimed how much they have grown to like soccer. Footie-haters, you know your days are numbered when sports talk radio stops treating the sport like Bolshevism run amok. And Simmons is the most popular writer for the WWL, so having him write about watching Spurs can't help but push soccer further into the mainstream. As Cowherd was talking about the NBA and the fact that Americans eat up sports that are all about stars and personalities, I thought that ESPN is really going to be able to sell Barca-Real. La Primera will make sense to the network that adores the Yanks and Red Sox. OK, I need to disinfect after that last sentence.

A full post on the Hawks is coming, but this offseason is going great. Best of all, the fears about Atlanta Spirit being skinflints have turned out to be unjustified. Can they really be losing that much money if they are adding payroll? Am I being greedy in imagining that they resign Marvin and then bring Andersen over from Barca to take Solomon Jones' minutes? That team would be a Lebron injury from being a real contender in the East.

You are looking live at Coors Field... Coors is one of the underrated parks in baseball. The stadium isn't any different from every other new park built since Camden, but the way it is worked into Lodo is really cool. Camden and Coors are the best of the new parks that I've been to. To achieve the same effect, the Ted should have been to Midtown? Maybe along with Atlantic Station?

Raging Burrito was just treated to a great live version of "Some Girls.". Sadly, they have a 300-disc changer here, so the bartender couldn't tell me the bootleg title. "Some Girls" is a great track; a way for a Stones fan to make clear that he isn't a casual, greatest hits guy. Also acceptable: "Memo from Turner," "All Down the Line," and "Sister Morphine.". Speaking of drugs, I scared two co-workers this week by volunteering that rain is a euphemism for heroin, before explaining that I know that because of my favorite Dylan song. "Smack addict" isn't a great niche to fill at a law firm.

John Sciambi needs to meet gay Ben, my stylist. Speaking of which, when the guy cutting your hair wants your opinion regarding the Confederations Cup final, you know that soccer is infiltrating.

The only part of me that is sad about Frenchy's departure is that he was the avatar of the '05 Braves, the last and one of the most enjoyable of the 14 straight division champs. For a summer, he was the mayor. Now, he's a f***'in Met.


chg said...

Ok, what am I missing with this post's title?

I'm also wondering if Raging Burrito is worth the drive from outer Gwinnett. I ate at Moe's this weekend, and it was so mediocre, it made me angry.

Michael said...

It's a line from "Live and Let Die." Each of the BurritoBlogging titles reference a Bond movie. I go in order, starting with "Dr. No" and I'm up to the Moore movies now.

Raging Burrito is so much better than Moe's, they don't deserve to be in the same genre.

Ryno said...

Better than Chipotle or Qdoba?

Michael said...

Burrito chains go like this:

1. Chipotle
2. Qdoba
3. Willy's
4. Moe's

Raging is way better than any of them. I generally like indigenous burrito outfits more than chains because there is so much that an entity with creativity can do with a burrito. A hamburger is a hamburger (for the most part), but a burrito can be a work of art when it isn't in the hands of an entity that is trying to be as inoffensive as possible so as to pander to the lowest common denominator.

chg said...

I'm usually all about Barberito's, but I decided to try Moe's to save the drive to Hamilton Mill. After one bite, I was just sitting there thinking, "I could have gone to Barberito's."