Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm All Tingly

I was feeling a little glum about the 2010 Braves in the aftermath of the Javier Vazquez trade. Then the Baseball Prospectus came out with their list of the top 11 prospects in the organization and Stella got her groove back. Behold, the list of negatives about Jason Heyward:

The Bad: When asked what aspects of Heyward's game need improvement, one scout simply replied, "Nothing." The only real concern about Heyward is his health, as Heyward has played just 226 games over the past two years due to a variety of minor maladies.

Now, my task for Heyward is to come up with some sort of theme for Heyward. Godzilla seems too trite. Death Blossom? The Cobalt Bomb? Jaws? Chuck Norris in Stirrups? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

The Heymaker!

peacedog said...

He's Thor incarnate.

Jesse said...

Ironhead V2.0?

peacedog said...

Also, it bugs me that you laughed when I pointed out that the Braves would only get Heyward for 7 or so years before he would have to leave to fight in Ragnarok. I'm telling you, this is going to happen.