Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm As Surprised As You Are

According to Football Outsiders' game charters, here are the NFL linebackers with the best tackle rates in 2010($):

Player Team BTkl Tkl BT Rate

Brandon Siler San Diego Chargers 1 52 1.9%

Keith Brooking Dallas Cowboys 2 75 2.6%

Stephen Nicholas Atlanta Falcons 2 65 3.0%

James Harrison Pittsburgh Steelers 2 60 3.2%

Mike Peterson Atlanta Falcons 3 82 3.2%

Karlos Dansby Arizona Cardinals 3 89 3.3%

Paul Posluszny Buffalo Bills 3 88 3.3%

Patrick Willis San Francisco 49ers 4 114 3.4%

Justin Durant Jacksonville Jaguars 3 81 3.5%

Nick Barnett Green Bay Packers 3 82 3.7%

Keith Brooking? There must be some sort of mistake. Or maybe the stat doesn't take into account making a tackle eight yards past the line of scrimmage? Can't FO come up with a stat for "foolish decision in zone coverage that allowed a tight end to get open on third and forever?" Questions galore.

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Jeff said...

What does tackle rate refer to--is it just the stat for guys who do the best job tackling guys who come into their area with the ball? If so, it seems like a perfect stat for a bad cover LB like Brookings to do well in.