Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Top 25 Will Need More than a Scholarship

Random Thoughts on the Ballot

To be totally consistent with my love for computer rankings that take margin-of-victory into account, I should have TCU over Auburn. In the end, I can't drop an unbeaten SEC team out of the top two, even if the Tigers did need late heroics to beat Clemson and Kentucky. I suspect that the issue will be mooted when Auburn loses one of their final three games, at which point we'll have to split hairs between TCU and Boise State.

Upon reflection, I don't have enough Pac Ten teams on my ballot. The Pac Ten has been good this year, so I ought to have more than three teams on my ballot. USC would make sense, but on the other hand, they escaped from a game with Arizona State by the skin of their teeth, so is that really much of an oversight? Oregon State is good, but they are 4-4. Cal can't win a game on the road and nearly gave Washington State their first conference win in a dog's year. At least one of those teams should have gone in toward the end so I could stop alternating SEC and Big XII teams.

I probably put Florida too high. And I feel dirty for ranking a Mike Sherman team. This is surely going to end badly for Texas. By the way, what deal with the devil did people in Texas make to get the Rangers to the World Series?

Brian Cook pointed out last week that I had Arkansas three spots higher than anyone else. We'll see if that remains true after the Hogs looked great in Columbia. Sagarin and SRS both slot Arkansas at #13, which is lower than where I have them on the ballot. Consider this vote an endorsement of their good yards-per-play margin.

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