Friday, January 06, 2012

Customary Invective About New York

You didn't really think that I would let a week like this go by without a paragraph on my love for New York sports culture, did you? 

Adrift on a sea of potential ennui, there is one subject that in my experience unites Atlanta sports fans: we hate New York teams. I've yet to encounter a non-Big Apple transplant Atlantan who views the teams from New York with anything but contempt. When their teams come to our venues, we get overrun with loutish, gold chain-festooned former New Yorkers who have John Franco mustaches with no shred of irony and who cheer lustily for teams from a city that they fled because they didn't want to pay $3,000 per month for 500 square feet. When we turn on the TV, we get inundated with news about their teams as if they are our teams. Their shills in the media have completely appropriated baseball history as being the story about New York teams and their games against one another or the Red Sox. Nothing will quite bring out passion quite like being dismissed as a bystander.

Unfortunately, the post then deals with reality, which is that Atlanta teams have a terrible history against New York teams in the postseason.  I missed an opportunity to make a joke about Rutgers football not being in a position to play the Dawgs in a bowl game.  Sorry about that.


c said...

Pretty much agree with your assessment, especially how the media/ESPN sucks up to the New Yawk teams.

The only modicum of respect that New York teams get out of me is aimed at the New York Yankees and Steinbruhnners. They have a shitload of money from tv/radio/attendance AND they actually put a very big chunk of that money back into the team. I know that this is a sore spot with many but I would rather see this than what you see in places like Cincinnati, Seattle, Atlanta (to some extent), etc. where ownership has the money but they prefer to run the team on a tight budget and maximize their profits.

I still love watching anybody beat the Yankees, unless it is the Red Sox.

Caelus said...

That comment above was from me...Caelus. Don't know who "c" is.