Monday, July 24, 2006

Enter the Marvin

It's not quite the Rookie of the Year award, but kudos to Marvin Williams for being named Most Valuable Player of the Rocky Mountain Revue . Dominating in the summer league is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for a young player to do well during the regular season. (What a lawyerly sentence that was.) Marvin was getting better as last year progressed and this is absolutely an encouraging (and not unexpected) sign. I'll be interested to see if he has improved his defense, as opposing teams often went right after him when he came into games. (The Sacramento game comes to mind. The moment Marvin entered, the Kings went right to the post to Artest for a basket.) Billy Knight said that Williams was in Vancouver this summer working on his core strength, so we'll see if he's now better able to defend in the post. Defensive improvement will be totally ignored if Marvin can make it, but that's really where he and the rest of the team need to focus.

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