Monday, July 31, 2006


Sorry for the dearth of posting, but I've been very busy at work and we also moved this weekend. Anyway, the moving this weekend was good as it kept me away from the TV and thus, the Braves' trouncing at the hands of the Mets. I don't have a really strong opinion of the Betemit trade. My gut reaction is that it comes down to Willy Aybar's productivity as Chipper's replacement. The Braves really need a good third baseman to back up the oft-injured Chipper and if Aybar can come close to replacing Betemit's production at that spot, then the trade is a good idea. Danys Baez isn't great, but he's certainly an improvement over the rest of the Braves' pen. Baez and Aybar aren't going to matter a hill of beans, though, if the Braves' starting pitching is as wretched as it was this weekend. The team is still only 6.5 games out, but with Tim Hudson continuing to look like an overpaid bust and Ramirez and James both having bad starts against the NL's best offense, the weekend was a total loss (other than the fact that the three games were very well attended).

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