Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Whoa-o-o, I'm on Fire


Jamie Mottram said...

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Anonymous said...

what do you think about the latest NYPost and AJC rumour that the Braves and Yanks are close to completing a Betemit for Proctor deal?

I hope to God that is just a negotiation ploy. Would be a terrible, terrible move in my opinion.

peacedog said...

I'll say it:

That would be a terrible deal.

Joel said...

I second that would be a terr

I second that would be a terrible deal. Chipper and Giles have not exactly been a bastion of health and consistency this season, and I don’t think a young, productive IF who is making 400k is worth trading for a flash-in-the-pan setup guy who has been overworked this year. I’d like to see the Braves hold as is right now on the hitters and trade Giles this offseason for some pitching help. In the salary they save by plugging Betemit into Giles spot, they would have roughly 4-5mil to use on additional pitching/leadoff help.

The reason I posted because I wondered what you thought about LaRoche’s comments re: his booing (mentioned in AJC, 790 this morning). I could see a player like A-Rod saying this, but c’mon, not a guy who has had one good month in 2 years. He’s lucky he doesn’t play in Boston, NYC, Philly.

peacedog said...

I still haven't read or heard what the comments were.

Dan said...

Laroche basically said if you were booing me a month ago then I don't want you cheering me now. Even poor Brian McCann couldn't give it a solid rationalization when they asked him about it.

I'd also really like to hear your thoughts on the Betemit trade rumors. Absolutely terrible idea, IMO.

peacedog said...

Gah, that's an assinine statement. I agree with Joel - go play inconsistently in Boston/Philly/NY and then let me know how it goes.

I do not favor a Betemit trade. I said this to your brother this morning:

The Braves have never hesitated in the past to deal youngsters for veterans. However, I think there are too many reasons that make obvious sense not to in this case. . .

1) Betemit is much cheaper than Giles, who has shown a tendency to be hurt (when healthy and not hitting leadoff he's a pretty good hitter at least).

2) Good hitters arguably trump good pitchers. That's not quite organizational philosophy, true. They certainly trump good releivers, possibly excepting a good closer.

Is Betemit a good hitter? I don't know. He doesn't walk that often. But he seems to be finally developing some power. It's not inconceivable that he still has room to grow here.

3) Does anyone *seriously* believe that a good setup man is all we need?

The front office was considering whether or not to *dump* guys earlier in the year. This feels like a bad move to me. A very bad move. I hope they keep Wilson.

A few other comments: Chipper is going to have injury problems for the rest of his career most likely (this is what happens when you don't juice like Bonds did). Predominatly injury free years (and I don't just mean games missed) could easily be the exceptions. I hate it for the guy. He's having a terrific season right now - and this is the third time he's had a good season get seriously disrupted by injuries.

The two prospects they might be considering bringing up are Melvin Prado (current ops: .678 behind a deceptive .298 average at AAA) and Yuniel Escobar (.750something at AA).

I don't know much about Prado's defense, but no thanks. Escobat is supposed to have a slick glove. And he's a little older than the typical AA prospect (IIRC), a draftee last year who has rocketed up.

Neither of them is going to be much of a hitter (Cuddles Elkon could likely out hit Prado. Right now). Losing Chipper's Offense for more than short stretches is going to be a big problem, particularly with how streaky we've been.

Betemit at least provides a solid hitting and defensive replacement. Who possibly hasn't reached his upside. If Betemit was stuck on the bench with nowhere to go, with our overall prospects much better (say, 4 years ago), sure. I could understand it then.

Not now.

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