Monday, November 20, 2006

My Top 25

1 Ohio State --
2 Michigan --
3 Southern Cal --
4 Arkansas --
5 Florida --
6 Louisville --
7 LSU --
8 Notre Dame --
9 Texas 1
10 Oklahoma 3
11 West Virginia 3
12 Wisconsin 4
13 Auburn 4
14 Boston College 1
15 Tennessee 5
16 Nebraska 3
17 California 6
18 Brigham Young 6
19 Georgia Tech 1
20 Boise State 3
21 Virginia Tech 5
22 Rutgers 13
23 Texas A&M 2
24 Wake Forest 12
25 Oregon State 1

Dropped Out: Maryland (#21), Oregon (#22).

Just so we're clear, I'm totally fine with USC, Arkansas, or Florida go to the national title game ahead of Michigan, but one of my rules when ranking teams is not to drop a team for losing by one score to a team ahead of it, especially on the road. I genuinely think that Michigan is the second-best team in the country, but if USC wins out, they'll have the same record against a tougher schedule and they'll have earned the shot. Likewise for Arkansas if they beat LSU and Florida, although I don't think that their schedule is demonstrably tougher than Michigan's. I'd be OK with Florida being in the title game as well if they finish at 12-1, although they seem to be the least threatening of Ohio State's potential opponents.


Fox said...

I think your hatred of all things Virginia Tech is showing. First you bash Vick (again), then continue to underrank his alma mater. Sure, he's a frustrating, erratic guy but he also does about ten things a game that no other QB can (which offsets the ten plays a game he screws up because he's dumb and inaccurate). And sure, VT got taken to the woodshed in back-to-back games earlier this year, but they look awfully good now.

(And yes, I just jinxed them for the UVA game with this post. Oh well.)

On another note, how much do you think the folks at ABC are cringing over this year's ACC Championship--Georgia Tech vs. Wake? Maryland? BC? Seriously ?!?!

Michael said...

Yes, Vick does the occasional amazing feat, but he has to be judged by his overall numbers. You can't judge Vince Carter by his dunks.

Should VT be ahead of Georgia Tech? Or a BYU team that played BC a whole lot closer? VT is right where they should be in a down ACC. I am happy that my pre-season prediction of 10-2 is likely to come true.

Fox said...

I would bump down Nebraska and BYU, at least. Sure, BYU played BC closer, but Tech's over that meltdown, and BYU has done nothing else. Tech has at least beaten a few decent teams. As to Nebraska, they're just not very good, and never will be so long as Callahan is there. But you have them in the ballpark of where they should be. I am excited about next year, assuming none of their juniors on D bolt.

On the Vick front, I agree that he simply doesn't make the easy plays. However, i don't think you can understand how much his receivers' inability to catch the ball matters. If you chalk those 4 or 5 extra drops a game in as completions, you get a pretty different calculation. Sure, he makes things harder on them sometimes, but those guys have been dropping some easy, easy passes. They make the Jaguars' receivers look like Marvin Harrison.

By the way, why did the Falcons go away from the modified college offense they ran so well early in the season. I am still confused how they went from that to the team that threw all day long in the Bengals and Steelers games.

Michael said...

BYU has lost two games, both to teams headed to bowl games. Those losses were by three to Arizona and in OT at BC. Virginia Tech has lost two games to comparable foes, only their losses have been by a zillion points. I rank based on resume, not how hot a team is at the end of the season.

Even if Vick played with better receivers (and let's at least acknowledge that he has one of the best tight ends in the league...doesn't that sound gay), he would still be inaccurate and a poor decision-maker. How many above-average NFL quarterbacks are described in that way?

The Falcons went away from the Texas/WVU offense because they only use it as a wrinkle. They ran a couple plays against Baltimore with it. It would require too much creativity for an NFL team to use a totally new offense.

Fox said...

OK, you win on the Vick point, although I hope we agree that he is above-average, just not as good as he's been hyped to be. I'd certainly rather have him than Jake Delhomme. Or for that matter, I'd prefer him over Eli since Vick at least makes up for his inaccuracy with 50-100 rush yards a game.

As to VT, I just realized that I'm arguing whether it's the 18th or 20th best school or whatever. What a sad, sad day. I just hope they beat UVA, then don't get trounced in the Peach Bowl.