Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Remember the '91 Braves?

OK, I know I'm getting carried away after four games, but just indulge me a little joy after the road win in Cleveland tonight. My one thought is that signing Speedy Claxton might have the ancillary benefit of making Tyronne Lue play better because he sees competition for his position. Lue has 16 assists and two turnovers so far this season. My biggest criticism has always been his inept defense, but with Josh Smith maturing as a weakside shot-blocker and Shelden Williams providing an upgrade in interior defense, maybe Lue's defense isn't such an issue anymore.

Could the Thrashers and Hawks both end the Philips Arena playoff drought in the same season? Perish the thought. (I've been meaning to get some thoughts on the Thrashers out and when things settle down a little, I'll do so.)

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