Friday, March 10, 2006

An Actual Conversation with the Wife

My Mom scolded me at lunch on Sunday about referring to my bride as "The Wife" and since Jewish boys always listen to their mothers, I'll give The Wife a pseudonym: Andrea. So here was the conversation this morning as I was showering and Andrea was applying one of the 17 lotions that she uses on a daily basis:

Michael: Barcelona has drawn Benfica of Portugal in the quarters of the Champions League. That's ironic, or at least interesting, in the sense that Benfica is coached by Ronald Koeman. Koeman was a teammate of Barca coach Frank Rijkaard on Holland's '88 European Cup winning side. More interestingly, Koeman scored the winning goal for Barca the only time they won the Champions League.

Andrea: That's interesting. The fact that you know all that stuff makes me think...

Michael: That you want to divorce me?

Andrea: No.

Michael: That I'm mentally unbalanced?

Andrea: No.

Michael: That I have misplaced priorities?

Andrea: Well...

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Michael said...

Koeman also scored the only goal for Holland in their disappointing 2-1 loss to Germany in the Round of 16 in the 1990 World Cup. That game, incidentally, is remembered mainly for current Barca coach Frank Rijkaard and former German coach Rudi Voller getting red carded for an incident in which Rijkaard spat on Voller.