Thursday, March 16, 2006

Both Losers

My eternal admiration to anyone who gets this reference. (My brothers do not count, as they've heard me make these jokes too many times before.) I'm planning to make a poster for use at the Atlanta regional using this analogy so I can revel in the confused looks from all assembled.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Field Marshal Paulus. Another loser, though we don't think an exit in the first round of the NCAA would have 11 years in the gulag as a punishment.

Michael said...

Orson, did you right click on the properties of the picture? Actually, you were an Axis & Allies nut, so I'll give you full credit. Good work. I'd like to go to the Dome with a poster simply offering the following:

"Paulus is a spineless weasel. He would have killed himself if he had any honor."

- Adolf Hitler

The perplexed looks would be worth the price of admission.

(That might not be the exact quote, but there's a great quote from Alan Clark's "Barbarossa" in which Hitler goes off on a tangent about how much he hated Paulus after Paulus surrendered the Sixth Army rather than fighting to the last man. I'll need to dig it out tonight. You have no idea how excited I was when I found out that Duke would be starting a "Paulus" for four years. If only they were regularly beaten by a red-wearning team because of imcompetence from a Romanian teammate.)

I'll just steal Peace's thunder and admit that I was a Duke fan in high school, including rooting for them against my future alma mater in the '92 title game. What can I say, I wanted to go to school there until I visited and decided that everyone who goes to Duke is an obnoxious prick.