Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This is All I'll Say about Chelsea-Liverpool

If you want more, here's Rob Smyth from The Guardian: "The primitive football served up by Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield was an appalling advert for the English game."

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Kanu said...

Pretty much. I was thinking last week and yesterday that although Arsenal haven't been able to keep up with ManUtd/Chel$ea the last 2 seasons, I am truly thankful that I get to watch them play week in and week out and not either of these two teams, especially Chel$ea, who have spent half a billion US Dollars to assemble the deepest squad of talent in world football but whose primary focus is still negating the opponent and whose main strategy consists of hoofing hopeful Route 1 longballs up to Drogba and hoping for the best.

What a fucking joke they are, all around.

The La Liga run in is the most entertaining thing in footy these days by far, unless you count the complete meltdown in Peru or the fact that Liverpool fans stole Reina's car last night while he was ensuring their passage to the CLFinal.