Thursday, May 10, 2007


The Germans have a lovely tendency to reduce complicated concepts to single words, which often run on for 20 to 30 letters. It's the best language to help me conceive a title for yet another post on Michael Vick's excellent off-season. Don Banks, who was last seen claiming that the Falcons were going to trade up to take Calvin Johnson, has now piled onto Vick through a series of unnamed sources. Those sources claim, among other things, that Vick has been coddled by Arthur and Stephanie Blank, that he has a prima donna attitude, that his behavior has gotten worse since his mother moved from Atlanta to Virginia, and that Vick is most definitely interested in dog fighting. None of this is at all surprising, but the article is a nice summary for the time capsule of where Mike Vick's career stands right now.


Unknown said...

I'm originally from the same area of Virginia as Vick is, and I have been one of his biggest supporters since Atlanta pulled the draft-day trade to take him #1 overall. But his career has never reached the great heights expected of him, and his off the field adventures convince me he's not passionately interested in football. I'm losing any respect I once had for Vick. I've figured him out... with his selfish, me-first behavior and less-than-cerebral approach to the game, along with his scrambling, running style... Vick is the Anti-Peyton Manning. A great physical talent, a huge contract, but in the end, not a very good teammate.

Anonymous said...

I really think Vick could weather this if he can make it to football season and have some decent production. Fans tend to have short memories when the star player is winning. Too bad for Vick we still have 4 months before the first real football game. Hope $130 million can buy him some good legal advice, cause it sure ain't buying him common sense.

peacedog said...

Wait, Don Banks needed "unammed sources" to point out that Vick was coddled, a prima donna, and that his behavior isn't improving? Were his unnamed sources "people in Georgia who were paying attention"?