Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Top 25

1LSU 1
2Oregon 1
3Kansas 1
4Oklahoma 1
5Missouri 1
6West Virginia 1
7Arizona State 1
8Ohio State 7
9Georgia 5
10Southern Cal 1
11Cincinnati 13
13Kentucky 6
14Illinois 12
15Clemson 11
16South Florida 4
17Virginia Tech 1
18Tennessee 8
19Virginia 6
20Texas 3
21Boise State--
22Michigan 9
23Boston College 7
24Connecticut 14
25Auburn 16

Dropped Out: Alabama (#15), Arkansas (#22), Wake Forest (#23).


Anonymous said...

First of all, I need more Dylan references in my Atlanta Sports blogs. Many Bob Dylan lyrics are unequivocal, evocative descriptions of the contextual elements of spectator sports. And cool, too!

Second, your top 25 needs contingencies. Specifically, if Kansas goes undefeated, do they get in your top 2? They better. If they go through the Big12 and the championship game undefeated, they deserve it, man.

Third, I continue to stay on the "Joe Johnson is overrated" bandwagon. Although it's a tad lonely here, I have had some inquiries concerning the availability of seats. As the Hawks get more talent, I think that trade to the Suns will become more saliently worser and worser. The guy simply can't be praised for being a fleet-footed, bad shooter.

Fourth, how can you be an Atlanta sports blogger and not blog on Hockey or Nascar. C'mon! I need a Heatley and Flames update.

Fifth, can you rank the coaches in the SEC like you do the Top 25? I think that would be cool!

Finally, you need to watch some of Robert Altman's movies. Start with "Mash" then go with "Nashville". Move on to "McCabe & Mrs. Miller", "The Long Goodbye", "The Player", and then "3 Women".


Michael said...

1. If you want more Dylan references, then I'm your man. BTW, if you were the poster who asked about whether I had heard the outtakes from the Blood on the Tracks sessions, then the answer is yes. I think the acoustic versions of Idiot Wind and Tangled up in Blue are truer to the songs, but for some reason, I like the album versions better, probably because I'm more used to them. My favorite version of Idiot Wind, by the way, is the live version on "Hard Rain."

2. Agree on Kansas. If they beat Mizzou and Oklahoma, they'll be in the top two and the debate will be between LSU and Oregon.

3. Disagree on Joe Johnson. There's not much bad to say about a perimeter guy who scores without having to be a volume shooter. He's also a pretty good defensive player. Most importantly, he commands the attention of a defense, which gives space for the younger guys to develop. If you want an overrated Hawks player, I give you Josh Smith.

4. I used to watch a lot of hockey, but having a kid has forced me to prioritize my sports consumption a little. Plus, the league is so marginalized now on Versus that I don't know anything about the other teams.

I hate Nascar.

5. I'll be happy to rank the coaches in the SEC, but I'm going to wait to the end of the year because the deck might be reshuffled after the end of the season.

6. This is an admission on par with "I don't like jazz," but Altman's movies have never appealed to me that much.