Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tony Barnhart Needs my Sidebar

Mr. College Football on Ohio State:

I’ve always said that the best time to play Ohio State is the week before Michigan. Don’t be surprised if Ohio State gets a scare from the Zooker.

Ohio State's record in the last 20 years before the Michigan game: 15-4-1

And the record of those four Ohio State teams that lost the week before Michigan: 8-4, 7-5, 6-6, and 6-4-1.

And while we're on Barnhart, I'm not wild about this take on Oregon's offense, either:

The question is: How would this team match up against LSU’s defense? If Ohio State stumbles in the next two weeks, we just might find that out.

The LSU defense that surrendered 34 points to Alabama, 24 to offensively challenged Auburn, 24 to Florida, and 27 in regulation to Kentucky? I think Oregon could score some points. Whether they could stop LSU from moving the ball at will is another matter entirely.


Unknown said...

I used to love reading Tony's takes, but he is bordering on Mandelness this year with some of his reasoning.

I think he's opined that "something magical..." or "the stars are aligned..." at least 10 times this year. Very astute reasoning, TB.

I expect LSU's defense to make a run to end the season, their point totals are slightly misleading:

Auburn recovered a fumble on their 1 so that could have been a respectable 17,

Bama had a punt return TD and had mucho gift wrapped points via Flynn, plus they had 22 yards rushing on 33 carries.

No shame in giving up 24 to UF while almost shutting them out in 2nd half.

No excuse in the UK game other than being drained from week before.

Anonymous said...

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