Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Headline we Dreamed of (Baby Steps Version)

Hawks End NBA's Longest Playoff Drought

Now, please put up a fight against Boston. I'm not asking for a series victory or anything, but is one win at home plus a really tight game in Boston too much to demand? I really can't stomach the idea of Sam Cassell dancing all over the floor like he did on Saturday night when he single-handedly made me depressed about the Hawks' rebuilding project. (If our starting five can be torched in crunch time of a big game by a 38-year old who the Celtics got for nothing...) Saturday night also gave me two other thoughts:

1. If Randy Moss got into so much trouble for pretending to moon the fans at Lambeau Field, then how does Cassell get away with a dance that's meant to show that he has really big balls? Joe Buck, you're on the clock on this one.

2. Watching Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo both play well for their teams reminded me that Jay Bilas panned both of them at the NBA Draft. He might be the dumbest smart guy with a microphone, even when he's not commenting from an extreme conflict of interest as he was when Tommy Amaker was involved.

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