Monday, April 14, 2008

Your Latest Yankees-Red Sox Saturation Update

Saturday morning - I watched ten minutes of SportsCenter at the Y while on an exercise bike. About half the time was devoted to highlights of the Yankees-Red Sox game from the night before, followed by an in-depth feature by Bob Holtzman about Sean Casey playing in his first Yankees-Red Sox game, as if that experience isn't true for numerous players every year.

Sunday morning - I flipped on the Sports Reporters while on the Elliptical machine. You'll never guess what they were discussing ten minutes into the show. If you had "a discussion about why we should all care about the Yankees-Red Sox games in April," then give yourself a gold star. When Mitch Albom tried to change the topic to the 2-9 Tigers, the big story in the first two weeks of the season, Gary Roberts then chided him by saying "it's only April." That wouldn't have any implications for obsessing about Yankees-Red Sox games this weekend, would it?

Monday morning - the discussion on both local sports talk stations around 7 a.m. was the burial of a Red Sox jersey in the foundation of New Yankees Stadium. It's not just ESPN that shoves the rivalry down our throats, it's also the ostensible local stations, as well. And it's not as if there weren't other sports stories over the weekend...

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