Friday, March 27, 2009

Wasting away in Raging Burritoville

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I'll bet that some CBS producer in New York is struggling between picking between the 87-51 game and the 58-37 game. Now watch the two late games both be barnburners.

If Bobby bats Josh Anderson leadoff this year, I will throw a shoe in his general vicinity. It's one thing to pick.the worst of three center field options; it's another to compound the mistake by batting the light-hitting out machine first because he is fast. I will say that Bobby has been more rational about these sorts of things over the past several years.

Big dance pools are to sports fans as New Year's Eve is to drinkers: amateur hour.

I just had a discussion with a married couple about how the Nazis came up with the idea of killing the Jews as opposed to sending us to Madagascar. I really don't know how I end up in these places.

On a related note, I am giving some serious thought to the video clip to post at 2:45 on the date of the first leg of Barca-Bayern. This is my wheelhouse. And with the crap performance of Bundesliga sides in the Champions League, who knows when this chance will come again. A mere Untergang clip will not suffice.

I really wonder about the Thrashers' season ticket base next year. They are facing a perfect storm of a bad economy, a franchise in freefall in terms of management, and a sport in which ticket revenue is the key source of income. I am not opposed to reigniting my love of hockey, but I need a sign from Atlanta Spirit. Nothin' lasts forever and we both know hearts can change.

You think there is any chance that Andre Smith will be available when the Falcons are on the clock? I'd be willing to ignore the "take defense!" edict if a potential star left tackle is around. I don't put that much stock in NFL people being outraged that he jumped through Saban's hoops, but wouldn't jump through their's.

Does anyone else think that the Hawks were more vulnerable against the Spurs with Duncan out and Ginobli gimpy because it forced San Antonio to exploit Parker's massive advantage over the Hawks' ability to defend a one?



Ell said...

To steal from Ben Franklin, Sweetwater is proof that God exists and he loves us.

Anonymous said...

I'll throw a shoe through something if Hanson isn't in the rotation by mid-May.

The least the Spirit could do to spark a little hope is fire Teflon Don. Even if it means promoting the zamboni driver.

Andre Smith didn't play by Saban's rules either and was suspended for the bowl game. He was completely unprepared for both the combine and his pro day. When interviewing for jobs after law school, did you show up hung over, unshaven in a t-shirt and flip flops? Would you have been surprised no one wanted to hire you if you had? And remember, your salary was going to be about 1/100 of what a team will have to pay Smith.

JR Suicide said...

I'm 100% on the hoping Andre Smith somehow falls into the Falcons lap. Unlike Michael Oher who has always been more hype than anything, Smith was a dominate tackle for 3 years and although he may be a lazy idiot, he's still got more upside than any guy the Birds could get that late in the 1st round.