Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pepidemiology, National Teams Edition

I am an absolute sucker for lists like this. Of all of ESPN's triumphs in their superlative coverage of last summer's Euros, showing the national anthems before the games was the greatest. College football and international soccer have a number of common elements and one of the major ones is that they have pageantry. Honestly, can you ever remember that word being used to describe an MLB, NFL, or NBA game?

My only quibble with the list is the omission of "G-d Save the Queen." Though I root against the English and revel in their biannual humiliations, they have the best national anthem of the lot. It's short, it's got great long notes, and it's eminently singable while drunk.

If you want to know why central defenders tend to be team captains and icons, look at how Ferdinand and Terry belt this song out.

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