Friday, July 03, 2009

BurritoBlogging with Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd

I thought about buying a "Lou's Tavern" t-shirt today. My dream t-shirt would be either a Wernham Hogg shirt or some sort of esoteric Bond reference. I definitely need a new vintage pop culture shirt because I'm wearing my Appetite for Destruction shirt a whole lot.

Brooks Conrad! Holy f'in shit! Bobby made the peculiar decision of having Matt Diaz bunt after Yunel walked to leadoff the inning despite the fact that the Nats' hurler was a little wild and Diaz was followed by the Out-o-matic 9000. Francoeur grounded out for the second out, then Kotchman predictably walked with a base open and the pitcher's spot on deck. Conrad pinch-hit and belted the Braves into a three-run lead. The guy next to me just pointed out that Jordan Schafer also went deep in his first at-bat. Good point.

Put Hudson in the rotation for Kawakami and Blanco in right for the Out-o-matic 9000 and this would be a good team. The Mets' injuries and the Phils' lack of pitching have left the door open, as has the kick-ass week that our team had. One issue to worry about: Soriano's arm falling off in September like it did in 2007.

Separated at birth: Dunga and Bucho from "Desperado" (a/k/a the henchman for Ernesto Escobedo in "Clear and Present Danger").

Also separated at birth: Mike Gonzalez and new Barca striker (I hope) David Villa.

I just realized that I might have been conceived on the night that Hank Aaron hit number 715. I am quite confident that one didn't cause the other.


Caelus said...

What's wrong with a Michigan Wolverine shirt?

And I am still in a bit of a shock after what that Brooks Conrad did last night. Talk about a great time to have your first home run.

SmoothJimmyApollo said...

I am pretty sure I was conceived during the Sugar Bowl festivities in NOLA December 31, 1980. But then, that's where my parents honeymooned.

Left to Right said...

Or how about this recent moment from the Out-o-matic 9000:

Braves have runners on the corners, nobody out. Out-o-matic 9000 comes up to bat. If he gets a hit, at least one run scores. If he flies out, one run scores. If he just hits into a double play, one run scores. All he has to do is put the ball in play on the field and a run scores.

Instead, he strikes out. Casey Kotchman draws a walk. Then the pitcher comes up, and strikes out and McClouth grounds out to end the inning with no runs scored.

Again, if the Out-o-matic 9000 could have just made contact with the ball, the Braves would have at least gotten a run out of the inning. Instead, they get no runs after having runners on 1st and 3rd with nobody out.