Monday, February 01, 2010

Don't Blame Me

Der Wife and I went out on Saturday night. I watched the first six minutes of the Hawks-Magic game, at the end of which the local basketball collective led 16-6. When I got out of the shower and had finished primping, the Hawks were down 55-46. I watched for a few more minutes, during which time the Hawks cut the deficit to 57-54. We then headed out and the Hawks were thrashed for the rest of the evening. Thus, I have little to say about the game other than that Al Horford is an all-star, but he isn't a true center, so the Hawks cannot handle the Magic in any way, shape, or form.

The question becomes whether there is a center on the market who can give the Hawks a fighting chance against Howard. And if there is such a character, do the Hawks deploy a big lineup against Orlando with Horford and Josh Smith at the forward spots? That's an awfully weak-shooting front line. The alternative is to rotate Horford and Josh Smith at the four while keeping Marvin Williams at the three, but then you are cutting the minutes of two of your best players. Maybe there is no solution other than hoping to avoid Orlando in the playoffs.

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