Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stats with Jeff

Jeff Schultz on the prospect of LaDainian Tomlinson becoming a Saint:

Now, personally, I think this would be a great move by the Saints. Tomlinson isn’t an every down back any more but he’s still one of the top running backs in the NFL. Putting him in that offense would be, like, sick, especially given his motivation level will be at an all-time high next season.

And if I’m Falcons coach Mike Smith, my first thought would be: “Oy.”

I had Tomlinson on my fantasy team this year. He killed me. Thus, I can speak to the fact that Schultz is about three years late in making this point. Tomlinson was 29th in the NFL in yards rushing. He was 49th out of 50 qualifiers in yards per carry, leading only the artist formerly known as Larry Johnson. Tomlinson achieved these numbers despite playing with one of the best quarterbacks in football. His total yards, yards per game, and yards per carry have declined in each of the past four seasons. His sole value last year was that Norv Turner, out of a sense of loyalty to a stumbling old war horse that has served its owner well, let LT score a number of short touchdowns.

If I'm Mike Smith, my first thought upon the Saints signing Tomlinson would be "when did Mickey Loomis get a lobotomy?"

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Jack said...

I had LT as well, and he certainly was terrible in pure football terms. In terms of fantasy, however, I find it hard to believe he "killed" your team. He was 5th among RBs in rushing TDs and 8th in total touchdowns. Unless you were using a weird scoring system, he was perfectly adequate.

But your larger point is well-taken: that guy is beyond washed up, and I wouldn't be scared of him at all if I were the Falcons, or anyone else for that matter.